Sports Photography Tips #1 – Shooting Netball

Have you tried taking action shots at netball and not been happy with the results? Got too many blurry photos of the umpire's butt? Not sure what setting to use in low light? Well, keep reading. Court sports like netball can be some of the trickiest sports to shoot successfully. Netball is a fast game... Continue Reading →

Escape from Ordinary Seascapes – Part 1

I've always lived close to the sea. While not a particularly 'beachy' person,  I do enjoy looking at it, walking on it, exploring the rocks and pools, and like many of you, I quite like taking photos of it. But how often do we rock up at the crack of dawn with our tripod & camera to... Continue Reading →

Mirrorless Magic

Unless your place of residence is normally beneath the proverbial rock, you will have been aware of the impact mirrorless cameras have had on the world of photography. Many love the small, lightweight body and lens combos,  It is easier to hike, climb, walk, run, and in fact do most things with a camera that doesn't need 4kg of camera &... Continue Reading →

Dance of the Haunted Trees

Next time you wander along the paths that follow the Ross River, take a moment to observe the trees that call it home. Each with their own personality, you may be surprised to know that some of them can dance..... This is the "Dance of the Haunted Trees" Tango for Two Ballet in the Bush... Continue Reading →

Toyota in Wonderland

I updated my vehicle last year.  It was a big mistake I think. But at 17 years old, my trusty 1998 Nissan Patrol was showing her age. A few niggly things like the cruise control not working, heater core leaking, electric windows failing. The safety issue of the third child sitting across the 50/50 seat split with no headrest... Continue Reading →

Thinking in Black & White

Thought I'd throw a few thoughts together regarding shooting landscapes in black & white. I don’t claim to be an expert by any means - this is more a summary of what works for me & to give you a few ideas to try if you're not sure where to start. It is more aimed... Continue Reading →

Walking with the Dead

Call me weird, but I really enjoy cemeteries. I love wandering down the silent rows of graves, reading the names, and imagining their stories. The blank eyes of a stone cherub forever guarding the much loved child of heartbroken parents. The plain and austere gravestone of a nun, resting in peace after a lifetime of service to her... Continue Reading →

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